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Operations software that saves time, money, and headaches.

Digital Checklists & Audits
Temperature & Cooling Logs
Temperature Probes & Sensors
Information/Training Library
Food Safety Label Design & Printing
Communications Manager
Time Clock
Staff Scheduling

Capturing Cooking temperatures with Jolt via a Bluetooth probe thermometer

Jolt's cloud-based software solutions, available in Canada from Stradica Solutions, are a flexible, collection of operations management tools for a variety of industries and business needs. Whether it's Team Accountability, Digital Food Safety, and Employee Performance Jolt operations execution software products produce positive results for every business owner.

Jolt is a cloud-based operations management software that is available on multiple platforms — such as smartphones and tablets — to help businesses in food, retail, hospitality, and more to achieve team accountability, compliance with digital food safety, and enhanced employee performance. Jolt understands the needs and demands of a business and how mobile devices can effectively provide a solution for these needs. Nowadays, everyone carries a smartphone or tablet in their bags and pocket, which makes it the ideal tool for providing solutions to businesses. Jolt transforms these mobile devices into powerful tools to help manage a business efficiently.

Jolt List
With Jolt Lists, your entire team naturally does the right thing, at the right time, in the right way.
Turn guesswork into great work.
Jolt Sensors
Discover a remote monitoring solution that protects inventory with alerts when temperatures fall outside of a defined range.
Jolt Labelling
Streamline the label-making process by reducing the time it takes to make labels and eliminating errors.
Jolt Temperature Probes
Take and record accurate food temperature in just seconds. Quick, Easy, Error Free!

Jolt Information Library
Provide employee training materials and other critical documentation and media in one central hub.
Allways up-to-date and always accessible.
Jolt Scheduling
Scheduling your entire crew has never been easier than with Jolt’s drag and drop interface.
Plus a lot more!

Jolt Time Clock
Monitor employee clock-ins (with picture capture) and shift lengths all from home.

Jolt Communication Manager
Ensure that critical information is delivered to the right people, at the right time, in the right way.


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