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Stop Buddy Punching...Permanently

Monitor employee clock-ins and shift lengths all from home.


A Time & Attendance Solution That’s Smart

Time and attendance data are available to you on any internet-connected device, anywhere in the world, in real-time. Leveraging Jolt Time Clock helps you build team accountability.

  • Missed punches automatically ask employees to provide a valid reason
  • Flag or block punches that don’t align with scheduled shifts (Requires Jolt Scheduling)
  • Require management approval for forgotten clock-ins/outs or when maximum shift length is exceeded
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With Jolt Time Clock, you can eliminate the headaches you experience with your current time and attendance system, and you get the additional benefits that come with an all-in-one, integrated system.

Ultimate Visibility

Jolt Time Clock comes equipped with face-detection and photo capture technology to ensure accountability and eliminate buddy punching. Geolocation recording allows for multi-location and off-site time tracking control. Once the pay period is over, you can easily export your data for any payroll system.  

Flexible Configuration

Employees can use the Jolt app to clock in and out while you monitor attendance, from anywhere. Incorporate breaks into employee shifts and customize compensation rules to calculate overtime hours.

Use Jolt Scheduling to:

  • Integrate Time Clock with Your Schedule
  • Reduce Buddy Punches
  • Track Staff Remote
  • Block Early Punches
  • Flag Early/Late Punches
  • Require a Reason for Missed Punch
  • And More

Decrease Labour Costs

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